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Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

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Product Description:

CMC appears to be white or light yellow powder, which is odorless and non-toxic. It is soluble in cold or hot water. When it solutes, some colloidal solution will appear, which is neutral or slightly alkaline. The important feature of CMC is that it can form colloid solution with high viscosity. Many factors influencing its viscosity are concentration, PH, temperature, substituted ratio and salts, etc.

Performance and Characteristics of Products:

CMC, as a kind of water-soluble gel in the drilling fluid system, constitutes drilling fluid. It is with high control ability of water loss. HV2 is a highly efficient fluid loss agent. When under the lower amount of water, you can control the water loss in a appropriate water level, without affecting the other performance of the mud. In addition, the quality of the mud cake it formates is good and it is with strong and tough property. Besides, its performance of salt resistance and temperature resistant is good. Under a certain concentration of salt, it can still have good filtration reduction ability and keep a certain rheology. Its viscosity changes little in the saline solution and aqueous solution. Adhesive is applicable for deep drilling. The rheology of slurry, with performance of good non-Newtonian fluid, can be easily controlled. When CMC was used as cementing fluid, it can prevent fluid from flowing into the rock formation and fracture. As a fracturing fluid, it can control the loss of fluid that flows into the well.


Products Indicators:

Indicator 1

Model No.     

Viscosity at 600r/min (mPa.s)


Filter LossmL

Distilled Water       4% Saline solution Saturated Brine

LVT-CMC      90       --     --     10

HVT-CMC      30       30       30       10

Note: Our CMC conform to GB/T 5005-2010    API SPEC. 13A

Indicator 2

Items      Indicator


Appearance     White or light yellow powder, no lumps

Moisture /%              10

Purity /%                  80    85

Degree of Substitution 


0.8   0.8

pH Value 7.0-9.0    6.5-8.0

Apparent Viscosity /mPa.s     90       30

Filter Loss 


10    10

Note: Our CMC conform to Q/SH 0038-2007

Notes: Products of various specific indicators can be produced and provided as the customer application requirements.


Packing, storage& transportation precautions

a) Packing:

- Inner polyethylene film bag and outer plastic coated triad compound bag or paper tube.

- 25Kg each bag

b) Storage& Transportation

-No damage and being covered during the transportation.

-Protect from humidity, rain, sunlight, damp and wet.

-Put in dry and ventilated place During storage.

-Remainder must be promptly sealed and packed to prohibit from wet.


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Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose