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Gibberellic acid

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Gibberellic acid (plant growth regulator)

                           The total active ingredient content: 3%

                      Gibberellic acid A3 (GA3): 2%

                Gibberellic acid: A4 + 7 (GA4 + 7): 1%


                          Formulations: grease



Use technical methods:


Crop Control target dosage formulations use

Pear regulate growth 20-30 mg / fruit stalk smear



1. When used, the cream evenly on the stalk (fruit station near end) 1-1.5 cm. Do not allow contact with the fruit when applied medicine, so as not to damage the fruit and the fruit surface contamination.

2. Applicator suitable period in full bloom after 30 to 35 days pear fruit enlargement. Weight gain but lower dose.




Product performance (use):


It can be used to promote cell, stem elongation, leaf expansion of fruit growth, promote early break seed dormancy, changing female, male

Ratio, affecting flowering time, reduce flowers, fruit shedding.


1. The maximum number of times per crop cycle is 1 times.

2. This product should not be mixed with alkaline substances such as pesticide use.

3. FDA should wear protective clothing and gloves, avoid inhalation liquid. Not eating and drinking water during the spraying, after application should promptly wash hands and face.

4. Do the pond and other water cleaning application equipment.

5. used containers should be properly handled, can not he used to do, nor thrown away.

6. Pregnant and lactating women prohibited contact with the product.

7. In case of the use of high temperatures above 30 degrees is likely to produce injury burns stalk, should avoid the use of hot weather.





If inhaled, the patient should be moved to the air circulation.

Accidentally splashed into contact with the skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

This label should be swallowed immediately bring the patient to the hospital for treatment.



Storage and transport:


This product should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, rainproof place, away from fire or heat. Placed at the reach of children and locked. Do not use in food, beverage, feed and other commodities shipped with the same storage.


The product of two years to maintain


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Gibberellic acid

Gibberellic acid